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Research by José Fajardo


Kyle equilibrium under random price pressure., forthcoming Decisions in Economics and Finance, with José Manuel Corcuera and Julia Di Nunno.

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CoCos with Extension Risk: A Structural Approach. In ‘‘The Fascination of Probability, Statistics and Their Applications. In Honour of Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen’s 80th birthday’’ (Eds. Podolskij, M., Stelzer, R., Thorbjørnsen, S., Veraart, A.E.D. ). Springer, Pages 447-464, (with José Manuel Corcuera, Wim Schoutens and Arturo Valdivia). January 2016.

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Other Publications

Impunity and Rationality in a Market for Offenses. Economic Analysis of Law Review,  Volume 8, Issue 1, 264-276, 2017, (with Jaime Orrillo).

Optimal Insider Strategy with Law Penalties. Revista Brasileira de Economia, Volume 70, Issue 1, 31-40, 2016.  

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Proceso de Meixner: Teoria e Aplicações no Mercado Financeiro Brasileiro, Estudos Econômicos,  Volume 41, Issue 2,  383-408, 2011. (with Felipe Gomes).

Social Interactions and the Behaviour of Women in the Brazilian Capital Markets, Revista Brasileira de Economia, Volume 64, Issue 3, 245-260, 2010. (with Sandra Blanco).

Goodness-of-Fit Test focuses on Conditional Value at Risk: An Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rates, Brazilian Review of Finance, Volume 6, Issue 2, 139-155, 2008. (with José Ornelas and Aquiles Farias).

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Goodness-of-fit Test focuses on VaR Estimation, Brazilian Review of Econometrics Volume 26, N. 2, 309-326, 2006, (with José Ornelas and Aquiles Farias).

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Optimal Consumption and Investment with Hyperbolic Lévy Motion, Brazilian Review of Econometrics, Volume 20, Issue 1, 27-54, 2000.


Working Papers

Bitcoin's Return Behavior:  What do we know so far?

Bitcoin Option Pricing with Jumps

Cryptocurrencies Portfolio Management under Tail Risk

On the Propensity to Issue Contingent Convertible (CoCo) Bonds, with Layla Mendes. Submitted

CoCo Bonds and Systemic Risk, with Layla Mendes.

Pricing of CoCo Bonds with Unexpected Risks , with José Manuel Corcuera and Wim Schoutens

High-Crime Environment and Individual Portfolio Choice, with Manuela Dantas. Submitted



Works in Progress

Equilibria in Kyle-Back's model with Risk Averse Insiders , with José Manuel Corcuera and Julia DiNuno

Endogenous Collateral and Pareto Efficiency, with Aloisio Araujo e Mario Páscoa

Cost-Efficiency in Skewed Lévy Models, with Ernesto Mordecki and Federico De Olivera

Intergenerational Effect on Individual Investment Decisions, with Manuela Dantas


Old Working Papers

Volatility Estimation and Option Pricing with Fractional Brownian Motion

Does Additional Enforcement Mechanisms in Economies with Collateral Requirements Matter?


Research at: Econpapers; IDEAS; SSRN